A Daughter\’s Journey…

Real-life reflections regarding a crack-addicted father

About Reflections July 19, 2006


4 Responses to “About Reflections”

  1. Pamela Palmer Mutino Says:

    Has anyone read about the mother’s journey in the new book, “Swish: Maria in the Mourning,?” This is a non-fiction narrative which chronicles a mother’s process of mourning after losing her only child, the beautiful and charismatic Maria to a heroin overdose at 23. There are 25 five-star reviews on Amazon.com

  2. Lisa Says:

    This is so true and very helpful . My son has been a herion addict for about ten years and has been in treatment 3 times which he is trying again. I hope he makes it this time. I have learned to be stronger and no enable him. Its hard be you have to let them go and as a mother it’s near impossible to do. You have mourn them while they are still alive.

  3. This is so helpful to hear someone’s else’s story. My son who is 46 has been addicted to everything and the heroin is the worst. Rehab more times than I can count and all that goes with it. His father dies at 35 of heroin addiction. I like what Lisa has to say about “mourning the them while they are still alive”. It still haunts me.

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